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SAT-Rdmp Project Rationale and Concept
Based on the promising results of the EPATS project the Commission has called for further study on the topic. Item AAT.2010.7 – 12 in the third call of FP7 calls for an assessment to improve the understanding on the way small aircraft operations can become an important element of the air transport system to satisfy the needs for transportation between regions where transport networks (by rail) are underdeveloped.

More specifically, the Commission is asking for: 

  • A roadmap identifying the technologies needed to meet the safety, environmental, operational and economic requirements, including the integration into the European ATM environment by ensuring complementarity with SESAR,
  • Development of a business case for small aircraft air transportation,
  • The implications for the safety regulation applying to small aircraft,
  • Assessment of the industrial capabilities in the Member States and the associated countries.

Project Concept:

The SAT-Rdmp CSA will address all these issues and more specifically will move along the following lines:

  • Definition of a common vision of the small aircraft transport system for inter-regional mobility through the identification of the corresponding requirements. The requirements will identify the technology needs and regulatory, environmental, safety and security  issues to be addressed.

  • Definition of a business case compliant to the identified requirements which describes the relations among all the system’s components.

  • Assessment of current capabilities versus the SAT demand, collection of previous results  and involvement of  the stakeholders in Europe among all actors (manufacturers, research establishment, EASA, airspace users, infrastructure providers, airport managers, small aircraft service providers,…).

  • Definition of a roadmap to fill the technology/regulatory/operative gaps in order to fulfil the requirements considering the current capabilities. Identification of dissemination actions and establishment of a network of stakeholders.

  •  Assessment of risks and benefits of the identified new system’s concept.

Important part of SAT-Rdmp concept is supporting to create European General Aviation Community. Significant step in this direction has been made at Workshop “ General Aviation and European Air Transport System” (7-8 July 2009 in Warsaw), where 110 attendees from 15 Countries discuss and ranking goals in this area. Subjects for the next European General Aviation meetings will worked out by such project as SAT-Rdmp.