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SAT-Rdmp Project Management Committee

The SAT-Rdmp Project Management Committee (PMC) is the executive body that assists the Project Coordinator for project control and monitoring activities. It is composed by all the partners of the project. The PMC is chaired by the SAT-Rdmp Project Coordinator who is the sole contact point between SAT-Rdmp and the EC Project Officer. The PMC defines strategic orientations and performs project monitoring activities. This will allow the partners and the EC regularly to get an overview of the project status and to provide orientations in order to assess the adequacy of the SAT-Rdmp deliverables with partnerís goals in term of research and development.

PMC will meet twice a year, enabling a regular monitoring of the project evolution. The meeting agenda will be adapted to focus on specific issues depending on the project milestones. The PMC will supervise and harmonize all the end-user-oriented activities through the participation of the Dissemination Manager. Project orientation and planning shall be reviewed and any change shall be agreed at this level. Any partner may call extraordinary PMC meetings on request.

SAT-Rdmp management organization
PMC consists of:
  •  Project Coordinator (chair);
  • Technical Manager;
  • All WP Managers and Task Leaders;
  • Administrative Manager;
  • Dissemination Manager.
PMC is composed of all the partners of the project.
PMC meets twice a year.

The PMC defines strategic orientations and performs project monitoring activities.

Decisions in the PMC are taken by a majority of 2/3 of the votes of Contractors present or represented, or have expressed their votes in a written form.
Each Contractor has one vote.