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Objectives of the EPATS Project

1.      To identify the new market for personal aviation in Europe as the result of technology development and society needs. Characteristics of this travel mode will be reduced door-to-door travel time by using small airports and small aircraft at low cost, operating in all weather conditions, serving also the suburban, rural and remote locations, and particularly the populations that do not have access to high speed transportation networks.

This market study will demonstrate if such a market is likely to develop and quantify this new market. An estimate will be provided on the types and number of aeroplanes that would be needed to serve such a market. The study will identify the number of aeroplanes needed to replace existing aeroplanes, and needed to satisfy the potential new demand.

2.      To understand the impact of this potential market on the European ATM and airport infrastructures and to specify issues to be solved. The study will address the need for special ATM system developments linked to the potential market demand in the context of the Single European Sky initiative. This work will be fed into the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) project. (D3)

3.      To quantify the economic impact of implementing a new European personal air transport system in terms of transportation effectiveness and job creation.

4.      To identify and assess missionís requirements for possible new classes of aeroplanes based on advanced technologies, which will satisfy the society needs for flexible, fast, easy to use, efficient, low cost, near all weather, safe and environmentally friendly air travel.

5.      To identify the step changes in European industry development of engines and avionics for small aircraft, and in technologies that need to be researched urgently in order to ensure a competitive position of the European aircraft industry, which is composed of many small and medium sized companies in this market segment.

6.      To propose recommendations (in terms of EPATS research and development roadmap) for the introduction of this new European Air Transportation System in the context of the European Research Areas and European partnership.

7.      To disseminate the conclusions of the study amongst the European stakeholders, to increase interest in the potential new market, and to promote the revitalisation of the European General Aviation industry.